Lesson 1 . Note Symbols

Here are the notes of the music system. I thought I would start simple and then move on from here. I know that most people probably know what these are from elementary school music class so these are simply a refresher.

A whole note is equal to two halves, four quarters, and so on. The way I remember the half rest is that it looks like a hat. When people write music, a Z is acceptable for the quarter rest but I usually try to draw the actual figure. Feel free to use the chart, copy it, print it, etc.

I decided to forgo drawing the notes myself because I have not had much practice and my creations come out looking rather sloppy. However, practice makes perfect and you can write them in any way you want as long as another person would be able to understand them. My instructor scribbles down so quickly, he doesn't bother to curve the flag on his eighth notes, or the little thing flaring out. So have a ball; find your unique way of writing notes. Never thought you'd practice music penmanship did you? Enjoy!

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