August 19, 2010

Step 3: Read the First Book and Practice

Good morning! It's about breakfast time at the moment.

I will begin reading the first book, The True Life of J.S. Bach. As I read, I hope I will come across some interesting facts so I may update the L&M Notes page. I picked this book out of the four because I felt like I need to begin generally before I study in depth. I planned for this to be a long-term project so I may read as carefully and slowly as I need. Tote Bag won't be taking any trips to the library for a while.

As for actual music, I am working on a prelude from Book II of First Lessons in Bach. The piece is going smoothly except for the trills which is basically the main purpose of the song. I know that these pieces are meant to be technical exercises, and technically I am not passing if I fail to execute those inverted mordents properly. Sitting back from it all, the feel of the song is somewhat medieval with a regal air. I left my hiatus and took up piano lessons again because I thought firsthand experience might help in my quest to understand the composer, that it would perhaps foster a better connection. When I have it all nailed down and practiced, I might post it up. I have never posted any videos because my camera doesn't record well; it always sounds likes there is buzzing in the background. When I find out how to fix that...we'll see.

This is my piano with a cute Eiffel Tower model.

This is the prelude I'm working on.

Although reading and studying Bach is an area of interest for me, it require enduring patience to analyze, and understand hundreds of pages of writing. I might ask my music instructor for help, but then it would not be an independent study, would it? Oh well, wish me luck!


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